To blog or not to blog?

As I lay watching the man himself last night repeating the same 60 seconds of Thomas and the Afternoon Tea it brought me back to a conversation Id had a few nights before with my partners in crime Kelly and Alison.   The conversation was about whether through my blog I may be causing a source of embarrassment for Reilly in years to come.  I’d already thought about this many times and I still don’t know what the answer is.

I love that people are encouraged, feel less isolated, have become less judgemental and so forth but will Reilly, my son thank me for it when he is himself of an age to understand it all?

I like to think that Reilly will be like me happy to help others,  I am vocal about my OCD and anxiety issues simply because it helps others, alright and it helps me a little too, but that’s me.  Will he be a chip off the old block, I don’t know , can I afford to take that chance?

I’m sure the blog posts about days out and refusing to wear giraffe nappies in favour of the lions, tutting his night nights etc may be a source of amusement for him but the graphic meltdown posts, posts about smearing the walls and the fact his brother didn’t want to stay at home for a long time because of Reilly’s behaviour and sleep patterns (now resolved thank science for melatonin) I could go on and on.

He is the King in this story, his needs are first and we will stop at NOTHING to make his life as easy and as comfortable for him – am I being counter productive in writing this blog?

Would LOVE your opinions, be honest.



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Christine Stephenson

Really busy mam who runs her own charity, has 3 sons and learning about autism every day. Contact me at

12 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog?”

  1. Your blog is helping families of autistic children and raising awareness in the wider community (I know this because of feedback I have had from friends and colleagues). I believe that only the parents and siblings of Reilly can truly answer what is a very difficult, but equally valid question. Good luck x

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  2. I think your blogs are amazing Christine. Nobody knows how Reilly will feel when he grows up. You just have to do what you feel is right for you now and all the people who I’m sure you’ve helped so much and made them feel that they arnt struggling on their own. You should be very proud of yourself xxx

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  3. I honestly don’t know. I ask my children’s permission before sharing any photos of, or stories about them and I don’t post their surname so it wouldn’t come up on a search, but my posts Serve no greater purposes than to amuse or to share a moment with friends & family. Your blog does do much more than that. I’ve been no help at all, I’m sorry. X

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  4. Trust your instincts, as you do every day bringing up your children. You do so well in varied situations and have helped other people to understand the challenges you all face every day. Christine you have made one person (me!) understand a little of what Reilly’s world is like, and also opened my eyes to autism in general. That can only be a good thing surely?

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  5. I have just come across your blog….I am a grandmother of a most delightful two year old who is I know in my heart has autism and is non verbal….he is extremely bright and we have a very strong connection…he knows I understand what he wants and needs…your blog is a gift at the moment…it is helping me so much…thank you…my grandson lives with me. You are a true inspiration…and changing two lives today. Thank you.

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  6. Hello! I’m Yaakov and think your blog is inspirational. For years I never really talked about my autism because I was scared that people would judge me! While reading other blogs and ‘the life of Reilly’ it has helped me come to terms with my autism. I can remember like Reilly that I was never invited to party’s and if I got an invite it was because my mum ‘had words’. Sharing yours and Reilly’s journey made me see I did nothing wrong as a child. I was just autistic. Through your blog people will see that autistic people see things differently and are just as normal! You are creating awareness and I believe Reily will know one day that you did this to make the word a better place for him and others who are autistic!

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