For a week now I have had my 10 year old Ellis tweeting in my ear or rather squawking for a fidgit spinner.  I’m seeing them EVERYWHERE!!  Kids, adults, for sale all over Amazon and ebay.

Anyway I ordered one a couple of days ago and he has been lurking around the house like Kevin the teenager and having epic radgies everytime someone pulls up outside and it isn’t hand delivering his spinner.  Where is it? has it been posted? whats the tracking number? has it got lost? will it come in a van or post? has it gone to wrong address? repeat repeat repeat with intermittent heavy sighs! First world problems for a 10 year old.

During a heated discussion this morning over whether I had actually ordered a fidgit spinner (it’s understandable, I always say I’ve ordered something but have really forgotten about it) Reilly comes in and launches this lime green ninja star Shuriken type spinner across the room.  It had arrived in the post and I hadn’t noticed! Hurrah no more wingeing from Ellis and Reilly has a new weapon (not so hurrah).

I’m happy though because it’s opened up the dialogue of stimming   << Click to read Stimming in the Park.  Ellis was astounded when I told him these gadgets have been around for a very long time.  If you see someone with a spinner don’t miss an opportunity to let them know who else may be using them and why.

ps Reilly isn’t particularly interested in it and i’m sure parts will be removable so with my Keith Lard health and safety hat I’d probably say for older children and adults x