Been out today with Reillster, original plan scrapped when he wouldn’t get out the car at Jesmond Dene. Point blank refusal.

We ended up at Round the Twist. I should make it clear this is not my idea of a lovely afternoon.  When you take a non verbal autistic child into a rather large play facility you know before you walk in it’s probably going to be a nightmare.  Reilly isn’t bothered by the noise in there, he also isnt bothered by the other children so I’m lucky in that respect.  It’s like the other kids are invisible to him.  I can see the odd one try talking to him but they always end up shrugging their shoulders and walking away as he looks straight past them. 

The little motorbikes that he loves but always wants us to sit on with him were favourite of the day only today there’s no backers, he’s a lone rider, result.  We’ve bought a couple of ride on cars, battery powered etc and he pretty much eats his dinner in it a few times, it gets broken and it goes to the skip.  Not today he was cruising and like a Redwood Original –  in more ways than one because he also cracked the combination lock to the gate once the bikes were closed down and let loads of kids through, staff were amazed as were we. Lucky guess? 

His other favourite thing to do is go up the slide the wrong way, loves it.  A man clearly not happy with Reilly doing this came over and said “they have very strict rules in here about going up the slide the wrong way”.  Excuse me? “There are rules, they are strict about going up the wrong way”.  You can imagine my response – delivered while awaiting my arrest by the slide direction police.

Obviously couldn’t tell Shane which man had said it he’s not as charmingly sarcastic as me and prefers a more hands on approach. 

So in summary he rides a bike, picks locks, cracks combinations, hates authority and he’s cool as f@#k.  

Watch out SAMCRO new kid on the block x