We are back home after our little trip to Warrington.  One thing that is clear is that Reilly likes to be at home. He lasted just an hour and a half in Gullivers World and wanted to be back in the car.  We managed to get him upto the room with much bribery and he made a million escape attempts.  One resulting in us both getting locked out the room.  He moves the bags towards the door whenever we are away, like preparation of going home.  I hate that he can’t vocalise how he feels.  

Anyway PJs on, 4 packets of coffee, sugar and tea bags opened and ruined, one near miss with an overflowing bath and a close shave with a hairdryer and a kettle, melatonin taken and he was asleep by 8.30 and slept until 6am where upon waking he ran straight for the door but unlucky for him I was two steps ahead and had secured it with the belt off my jeans.  I would never have slept knowing he might have woken during the night, visions of Reilly on the log flume at 3am in his jarmas. 

For 3 hours from waking up at 6am Reilly galloped back and forth from door to window only reprieve was an odd ten mins here and there to watch a Thomas episode. We packed up and checked out to go get breakfast in the diner and a few hours in the park because our lives are simple like that. No. Reilly got in his car seat buckled up and WOULD NOT come out, he wanted to go home.  Ellis wanted breakfast and to go in the park and which ten year old wouldn’t want that? On the realisation that we were most definitely not eating or playing together as a family we went our separate ways, Shane and Reilly off for a drive and myself and Ellis into the park for some fun.  Priceless that time together. 

Two hours later and Reilly hasn’t budged from his car seat and sat quite content with Shane in the Nerf car park. His face beams when he realises he’s on his way back. 

Relaxing night away? Not in a million.  I’ve said FFS and turd more times than I care to admit.

Not sure a trip on his beloved Jet2 or Thomson planes will be coming anytime soon.  It’s sad that we don’t get to do things as a complete family unit and that things that we take so much pleasure in cause Reilly so much anxiety, if he were an only child it would be easier I’m sure we’d probably just do whatever makes him happy with a slight nudge out of his comfort zone now and then but he’s not though he’s Thing 3 and at this moment we are really struggling to keep the kids balanced.  

How do you manage?