Right I’ve been making some observations the last couple of days and what I have realised is it does not matter whether your child is autistic or not people judge others hard on their parenting skills. We get it so often now it’s part and parcel of daily life.

Now unless your children or grandchildren have NEVER thrown a cup on the floor, starfished in a restaurant, spoilt someone’s game of pool or got on the stage while the act is on then for gods sake take your judgemental beady bastard sly eyes and look the other way.

It doesn’t matter what nationality they are they all tut – yes mr Dutch man smugly tutting at the little girl who just dropped her plate we all know it was your daughter that closed the pool for 3 hours this afternoon after they took a dump in it, she may eat her dinner like a princess but she also drops her kids off at the pool. Put those tuts away.

The German family who have sat open mouthed staring at Reilly wanting the salt cellar and having a Diet Coke. Call the police yes there’s a shit mother in Majorca. You too can kiss it. Reilly has ate nothing but chips since we arrived with an odd Kinder egg thrown in. Reilly loves salt, this is very common with autistic children, we monitor it. Your family did not get to resemble Augutus Gloops cousins from eating salad. Nosey Sheisters.

The French woman demanding to know where the parent of the hoodlum who hit little Jean Paul in the dish while dancing. That’s right it’s the little one in the corner that little Jean Paul booted in his quest to be at the front.

Judging each other’s parenting skills is toxic unless there’s a real need for concern. They are all little turds, all of them! and it would do many good to remember that before reacting. We get judged all of the time and I have no problem calling you out on it. Reilly had a monumental meltdown this morning. We won’t be tackling the dining room for breakfast again. Shane had to be persuaded not to punch a man in the face who thought it was funny. When you are close to breaking point the last thing you want is a skinny prick who thinks leg day is an offer on false tans. Dick.

In other news my dad won the archery competition today and has to go on the stage for his certificate, god the shame ๐Ÿ˜‚.