The Life of Reilly

OK so I have something on my mind and I cannot shake it off.  Usually around this time, 10 pm when it sneaks up on me and keeps me awake.  It’s really simple but it’s a question that millions of parents ask themselves everyday, it’s normal to worry about your kids futures but some of us parents have to put plans in place now, just in case.

The question is “What will happen to my autistic son when I die?” then there’s the cheery followup of “What happens if me and my husband are killed in an accident tomorrow?”

I talked about this with my Mam the other day, she was actually crying just thinking about it (may have been the thought of inheriting Things 2 & 3 for good, jury’s out on that one).  “Oooo I can’t even think about it” she said.

Well fact is we have to.  Alex…

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3 thoughts on “Grim”

  1. Just sat reading ur blog, my little boy is only nearly 2, he has a non verbal cousin who is 4, which made me almost look for signs, and sure enough he has been referred to a paediatrician , he has no words yet, he babbles in his own way, but not as he should , I don’t no if he understands most things, if he does he doesn’t let me no ! I worry everyday , for selfish reasons of wanted to talk to him and no at least what he is thinking! His future feels distant, I feel like I don’t no how to plan for him, as things aren’t going “to plan”. People say hes just a boy, being lazy, i try not to worry and enjoy his gorgeous baby-like noises for as long as he makes them because hes the happiest little cheeky chap.I guess you read everything you could at first and how babies reach milestones, red flags. But if we were in our own little bubble, all that wouldn’t be a worry, and it’s just your “normal” boy surprising you everyday, no matter how small the achievement on the outside. You sound really attentive and tuned into Reilly, keep going with your blog, good days or bad days , hes a cutie ! and it’s really great to follow your path and your little boys progress. It’s heart breaking he doesn’t get invites , I’m sure you know more than me but isn’t there any kind of groups or ways u can meet other autistic children, families etc, you shouldn’t have to adapt like that, but maybe it would be a more understanding environment, sorry for the paragraph , phew.

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  2. I think about it all the time and it brings me to tears. I am his person and it breaks my heart that I haven’t figured this all out for him. And now I am crying.

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  3. Hi,
    What a fantastic Mum you are. Everyone expects their life to be like a good book, some times it doesn’t go to plan. Reilly is a very lucky little boy, he has incredible parents, who unfortunately don’t have the right set of friends. Real friends will shine through, leave the sham friends behind. You have just found out early who you’re real friends are, enjoy every minute of you’re beautiful son.

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