The Life of Reilly

My boys, my boys. It’s easy written but not as easy to parent, I have Ellis a colossus of a 10 year old, hyper sensitive, handsome, out right cheeky, defiant, and struggling to find his place among his peers with £100 sneakers, smart track suits n tightly trimmed hair.

I adore his confident swagger when he steps on the football pitch; he’s a match for any lad wether it left,right foot, chest or head he’s a giant, a leader, a combatant he’s a source of pride; I look back in time and see his uncle Neil. Neither mobile as a Lat but like a chess master he’s 3 passes ahead.

I adore this confident side of the lad, the difficulty he battles is his peer group, is he cool enough, has he got the latest gear? What’s the craic with his brother?

Now I make no apologies for the anger…

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