Big Cook Little Cook

The Life of Reilly

I AM NOT A DOMESTIC GODDESS let’s make that very clear but recently Reilly has started to like cooking, of all the things.  He loves to mix things up and put them in the oven, bit like me presentation is not the best and quantity always wins over quality in my house.

Anyway I was at a friends house the other day and he was cracking eggs into a bowl with Dave, I should point out Dave is quite famous for making cakes, he’s the cake maker to the stars at Symphony in Sugar and I did a lot of PR for them and met some fabulous peeps (random fact) so he knows what he’s doing, I on the other hand am only good at eating them.

For example Daves cakes:

img_0341 Angels of the North – I mean come on!

img_0712 I had Reilly after touching Duncan’s Helmets

Anyway when shopping…

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