I cant sleep! We fly on Tuesday.

Reilly is fast asleep and I’m going through my checklist for our holidays for the 40th time.  My biggest fear about going on holiday is a meltdown on the plane which is joint winner with Reilly goes missing in Ibiza.

So instead of just worrying about it i’ve been proactive and looked for solutions.  The airport is fine they know we need assistance and will allow us to board last.  Reilly has watched the videos of airports and our hotel every day for the last month.

I’ve decided to, after talking to the doctor at length to take with us some phenergan which is an antihistamine and travel sickness medicine which has a sedating effect.  I’ve been on the verge of cancelling through fear of how Reilly will be on the plane.  Ellis is anxious about how Reilly will behave on the plane too. This is fuelled by the fact that now Reilly won’t keep his seat belt on and tries to escape from the car seat constantly.  A sometimes controversial subject but one I will argue til I’m blue in the face over.   We did a trial run to make sure he was ok with it on Saturday and he was grand.  Until you have seen Reilly in a full blown meltdown its best not to judge.

Reilly giving us the slip in Ibiza is also something that I just cannot get off my mind.  If a neurotypical child got lost they would be able to tell someone where they are staying, what their name is etc.  If Reilly got lost you wouldn’t know which country he was from so I’v e made some little plastic cards to put in a wallet on his belt or on a lanyard.  It has a QR code so when scanned it contains personal information about Reilly.  The information on his card is written in English and in Spanish.  Hopefully it may help us diffuse any tricky situations before they escalate.


I have also bought a tracker which will attach to him and if he does give us the slip we could find him quickly.  The chances of him getting away from us is  extremely slim  but never underestimate how wiley a 5 year old can be.   I am like a hawk and have eyes on him constantly but in a time  that its become ok to shame parents on social media and the likes without knowing all the information it really pisses me off.

I’ve had confirmation that the patio doors lock from the inside from the hotel there’s another box ticked.  I hope Ibiza is ready for us.  I’m going to do some video blogs while we are away as I’ve been asked many times if i’ll be blogging while abroad.  Hopefully everyone will get a glimpse of this adorable little lad in his element which is water, he loves it!

Keep everything crossed for us I’m off to lie and think about all the what if’s and other things that might go wrong 🙂  #prayforchristine

10885154_10152412746966557_682599916457932441_n (1).jpg
A throwback photo of Reilly. Beautiful.