Everyone knows how utterly terrified I was to bring Reilly away on holiday so here’s my quick rundown on how it went.

Firstly  I was pretty underwhelmed by Newcastle Airport special assistance.  I downloaded the form from their website as advised and took it with me.  Queue for checking in was pretty big but this assistance form doesn’t cover checking in first (this would be an enormous help to families with autism and other special needs). Reilly was eager to get up the escalators as always and get exploring so we had a few ahem moments while I stood to the side waiting for Shane to reach the desk.

We were fast tracked through security though so that’s great,  not the friendliest of faces but who knows what goes on in his home let’s not be judgey.

We headed for the quiet area near Dixons.  Not sure what I was expecting but not this,  it consists of about 20 seats no different to the others but to the side of Dixons joined to a cafe.  I will eat my hat if anyone in there needed assistance more a seat in a really busy airport.  One granny was tutting at Reilly on his seat backwards to see the planes. She got the death stare.  Not the best.

The girls from Jet2 were bloody fabulous! Reilly defo felt the love that day.
Reilly was dying to board.  He sat and watched the planes the whole time and was loving it. We got on last and took our seats.  He sat down at the window and put on his seatbelt, secured it and left it alone?!?  What was this wizardry? He NEVER keeps a belt on.  He loved it!! I didn’t even need a diazepam!  He fell asleep for an hour during the flight which was brilliant apart from the numb bum  cheek but to be fair I’d take 2 to keep him happy.  He woke on landing and proceeded to have an absolute wobbler as everyone stood up to get bags from overhead lockers, can’t blame him really. He was wild through the airport but luckily it was really quick and we were soon on our way.  I’m so happy it went well Ellis was so anxious about how others would react to Reilly it had made him incredibly anxious bless him.

He LOVES it! Typical no fear Reilly jumping on the water. We’ve been in the sea or pool from 9am til 6pm today he only came out to eat ice creams no 12,13 & 14.

Ellis and I look like lobsters despite factor 50 applied every 20 mins and Ibiza has the best sunset I’ve ever seen but guess who forgot her flash card for her camera!

 The cards I made with Spanish equivalents of I am autistic/non verbal have been an absolute godsend. Quick flash of the card and attitudes are turned on their heads.  The staff are incredible with him.  The lifeguard on the beach who caught Reilly trying to climb his tower says I must take him to swim with dolphins in Tenerife as that is good for autism 😯Families who were a bit dubious of us this morning have been buying the kids water pistols and floaters as they are fascinated by this little beaut who roars louder than a lion but looks like an angel. His tracking device is now on the canopy 2 floors below attached to his minion keyring 🙈.

Lovely people and fabulous time so far.  I’m off clubbing.  Not really , Im watching taggart while kids are asleep,  I’m so cool.

ps EAR DEFENDERS are a godsend if your little one will keep them on.  The plane was incredibly noisy once everyone stood to retrieve their bags from the overhead lockers.