If there’s one thing this holiday has taught me it’s how different Reilly is to the other kids in the hotel but more importantly how much that bothers me and not him. 

I watch the kids every night in the dining room, drooling over the cakes and jelly on the buffet tables getting excited for the kids show afterwards, sitting with their families.  We on the other hand eat in shifts.  I go for dinner while Shane entertains Reilly then I parcel up some chicken nuggets and an ice cream and bring it to the room but more often than not it’s the trusty Nutella sandwich in bed watching the 100th episode of My Little Pony.

In the pool all the kids have formed friendships, rallying together in water pistol wars against the adults.  Trotting off to the kids clubs laughing and carrying on.   Reilly likes to twirl around in his rubber ring.

I watch them dancing to the birdie song while Reilly looks the other way.

But you know what he’s happy. Happy as Larry doing his own thing.  It’s me that needs adjustment. My need for him to have friends and join in with the cheesy holiday crack is just not on his agenda and that’s ok but it breaks my heart a little everyday none the less.