Ibiza home of the party ppl or the understanding?

Burger King staff beckoned him in to point out on menu.

Hotel staff more than went extra mile whether it a chamber maid, waiter or duty managers.

Shop keepers(bar 1 who is just plain miserable) who are helpful and understanding of frustrations and his indecisiveness at times.

Fellow guests at hotel and beach kind and very interested in this child who doesn’t speak but throws pool balls down pockets and their shoes n towels in the pool for his amusement!

People are curious of this long haired boy and what makes him tic and I think because he doesn’t easily engage they are drawn to make more effort; all other kids think I’m fun why not him maybe? Who knows but I have learnt a lot of ppl are personally touched by ASD in their lives.

Some ppl will always ask will he grow out of it? Or comment ah bless him (commonly said) but truth is he doesn’t need blessing he needs acceptance and here in San Antonio he has that in abundance.

When I engage with ppl I always point out he is a happy healthy nearly 5 yr old; he knows his colours, numbers and shapes and things you’d expect at his stage of development. 

The rain man he is most certainly not but he isn’t your average child being able to complete up to 4 x 45 jigsaw puzzles without a image to work off simultaneously or having a photographic memory of places, roads, shops, parks. He is particular for someone so young he often likes to pick his own clothes and shoes for the day, he likes order in his little life and make no mistake it’s his order. Is this a petulant child? Definitely not although granted like every child he needs boundaries; Imagine communicating that without being able to talk? I can’t it’s too early to say what will be or is he overly intelligent? 

If I had to speculate I’d say he’s almost definitely very intelligent and not so different to any other kid, he likes to please is attentive and caring and needs the security a family brings to his life. 

So in nutshell Ibiza has been very enriching for us with odd frustration thrown in but after EU referendum this week it’s been a very welcome tonic.

I would highly recommend San Antonio bay and particular the Hawaii hotel to any family thinking of travelling for a holiday😎