What an absolute nightmare day.  Holiday as I’ve said has been great but what I hadn’t shared as there was really no need was the fact that Reilly was heading into day 10 without having a number two!

We have tried all week fruit juices, water, laxatives from the pharmacy so today we had to take him to the local hospital.  Anyone who has an autistic child will know you can’t just give them natural lemon juice in some hot water or prunes to eat  like I’ve been to,d 1 hundred times – not happening, never.  Hospital visits are horrendous at home so the thought of the language barriers mixed with Reillys hatred for anywhere remotely medical and him being non verbal had all of us an anxious wreck.  As soon as we arrived he was inconsolable.

Mrs organised with her tracking devices, cards to explain he’s autistic in Spanish etc etc forgets the EHIC cards!! FFS man how dim!

Big Thankyou to my sister in law Kelly sorting us out temporary ones and having it faxed to the hospital. Superstar.

Explaining to Reilly that the lovely doctor who was about to stick a tube up his jacksy was not a monster was really difficult and we opted for a mild sedative.  Reilly is doing really well with his toilet training and I feared this may knock him back a long time as well as be traumatic for him.

Did it the enema work? Of course it didn’t.  This is us we are talking about. Nothing is ever plain sailing.

2nd enema has worked I’m very pleased to report.  So currently Reilly’s sedative is wearing off and he’s hopefully a lot more comfortable and I haven’t had to reach for the diazepam which is a yay for me.  Shane on the other hand is still a wreck pinning your 4 year old down on a sunny Thursday afternoon is not what we had in mind.

My cards helped enormously again with the staff in the hospital who were a bit bewildered by his behaviour.

Let’s hope for a great last day tomorrow.  Keeping everything crossed.

3 hours later …… Quick update our room smells like a drain but he’s now back to his old self again.  Happy days 😀🙈