Yesterday his face lit up like firework. To his absolute joy two fully grown swans and 8 cygnets were literally on our doorstep.  When I came back from the loo Reilly was sliding full slices of bread, half a loaf to be exact through the letterbox for them.  If the door had been unlocked he’d have let them in.  He’s funny – won’t touch a banana but happy to give Daddy Swan a cuddle. Not on my watch. I was mentally preparing myself to pass him out the window to his escort so we didn’t have to open the door.  

They came again today and I had to close my blinds so he couldn’t see them, I’ve gone through 2 loaves of Warbutons toastie in a day and a half.

Anyway I go to Portugal tomorrow im currently sat writing this with my special feet treatment packs on my feet as to not alarm our Portuguese hosts and on the off chance I bump into Ronaldo and he drops his fork under my table in Nando’s.

I am equal parts bricking it and excited.  I can’t wait but also can’t wait to get back.  The fact that I’ve packed my case proves my probiotics are still working. I can’t take them with me so let’s see how that pans out. I’m so scared that something might happen and he NEEDS me. I don’t know what his perception of time is like but he has pretty much slept beside me every night for nearly 6 years so surely he’ll notice? I really hope he doesn’t.

Shane cannot wait to get rid of me. Can’t think why.

Wish me luck. I need a break desperately and it can’t come soon enough.xx