Ah don’t you just love the school holidays?  Actually no, no I don’t.  Holidays were hard before but now we have Tarly who just wants to eat your feet 24/7 so we have had to resort to drastic measures Reilly wears wellies in the house and I wear massive elf slippers from last christmas (not the greatest when the ice cream man rolls up playing his snooker themed chime and you’ve got a printed jumpsuit, no bra, elf slippers and a colour on your hair).  He still got his ice cream!   If you snooze you lose and he’ll take your toes off.  Its like a constant game of the floor is lava trying to get from living room to kitchen.  Reilly has even took to sitting in Tarly’s crate with the door shut, if I get reported to social services please be assured this is Reilly’s choice not mine 🙂


When Reilly isn’t squealing to escape his little needley gob he pretty much loves him and really belly laughs at a lot of his antics which is just fab!  I distinctly heard Reilly attempt to say ‘down’ yesterday but didn’t capture it on video.  He hears it A LOT to be fair.

I’m doubly vigilant as i’m not only watching for escaping Reilly’s but also escaping Tarlys too i’m checking doors like someone with OCD – I can say that I have it!

This morning when I was putting the mountainous piles of washing away (unironed) I was happy in the knowledge that the front door was absolutely locked and the keys out of reach.  The back door was open to allow Tarly to run in and out if he wants to and for Reilly to play on his swing.  Gate is padlocked so happy days.

What I didn’t bargain for was the fact that Reilly had switched the hose pipe on and had brought it through the kitchen into the garage which was filling up like a canny little paddling pool.  Luckily there are 5 suitcases full of crap, 2 christmas trees, 2 bikes, 3 guitars, a wardrobe, 2 fireplaces, numerous bits of thomas track in boxes, some coving and 10 bags of clothes recycling bags to absorb some of the flow.  Was like something from the day after tomorrow.

Every towel in my house was used, big sloppy cold messes that dribbled everywhere en-route to the washer.  Yak!

Anyway we rounded off the day with a trip to Round the Twist and Asda so that equals a happy Reilly.  He even stopped going up the slide instead of down it after I told him the slide police were watching.


He’s currently melting down because I used his penguin christmas plastic plate and he’s trying to bite it in half.  Neighbours if you are listening calm will be restored very soon.

Happy Days – Roll on Monday xx

Tarly went to the vets last week.  The peeps at Pets at Home Cramlington were fab and a little bit smitten with the boy xx